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Professional Pay Per Click Marketing and Management Campaigns

By combining professional attention grabbing ads with a finely tuned list of high conversion key phrases, implemented on top pay per click search engine programs such as Google’s Adwords, Yahoo’s Search Marketing and Microsoft’s Adcenter, we can provide your practice with a cost effective way to drive new patients directly to your website and ultimately into your office for a consultation! Get Started Today!

PPC Management

Affordable PPC solutions

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More About Our Pay Per Click Services

Why pick us to setup and/or maintain your Pay Per Click Campaign? Experience and affordability. Our pay per click campaigns start at just $1,500 per month and are backed by over a decade of PPC experience! We also include our in-depth keyword research and analysis, attention grabbing ad creation for each group or individual keyword, budget creation with minute adjustments, data collection, reporting, as well as all of the search engine clicks! By going the extra mile we help our clients to take advantage of the tremendous market availability that is currently found online through PPC advertising.

Pay Per Click Data Collection and How We Can Save You Money!

More than half the work that comes on any PPC campaign is during the data collection stages, I.E. the first 30-90 days after a campaign has been created and launched. This is when we strategically analyze and break down the data that is provided by each pay per click search engine for your campaign so that we can analyze it against our own statistical user data from your site. For example one metric we use is visitor times broken down by variables such as keywords used, visitation time of day and pages visited, all with the ultimate goal to drive the highest converting traffic to your site for the least amount that we can. We can help save you money on your PPC.


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