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Organic Search Engine Optimization for Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeons

With an estimated 75%+ of your potential market searching online for the services that you provide (up to 90% in major metro areas) and with 95% of those users ONLY using the top 10 results (Ie. #1-#10) is it any wonder why if you’re NOT in those top 10 results it’s like you don’t even exist? Top 10 rankings are absolutely critical to your success. That's why we Guarantee multiple top 10 rankings! Get Started!

Ethical Plastic Surgery SEO

Choosing The Right Keywords

Expand Your Market Reach

Website MockupOur Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Services

No SEO company can guarantee specific placement (I.E. Guaranteed #1 ranking!) on any of the search engines and we, of course, are no exception. However, as ethical “white hat” search engine optimization specialists with over 11 years experience, we’ve ranked enough top websites to understand what it will take to establish top 10 rankings. That's how we can offer our guarantee; If we fail to achieve multiple top 10 rankings on traffic bearing keywords for your website, you don't pay. Call (800) 516 0812 for more details.

Website MockupTraffic Bearing Keywords and Why They Are Important To You

One of the attributes to our SEO guarantee that really gives it substance is the stipulation that the multiple top 10 rankings we achieve for you are only on traffic bearing keywords.

But what are traffic bearing keywords?
Traffic bearing keywords are the list of keywords and phrases, which we identify using Google, that target the top cosmetic services that you wish to promote, like breast augmentation, while still targeting your local service area. A good example? “Miami Breast Augmentation” (area + service) averages 6,600 users PER MONTH searching for a surgeon. In other words we only work with keywords that have the potential to deliver you actual potential patients searching for a plastic surgeon online. (Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon - Dallas Rhinoplasty - Phoenix Liposuction - etc...)

Website MockupUsing Search Engines To Expand Your Local Market / Reach

Are you physically located just outside of a large metro area? Are you already in a large metro area, but would like to expand to additional areas within the county, state, country or world? Are you opening a new office location and would like to expand your reach prior to opening? If you answered yes to any of these questions we have the expansion solutions for you. We specialize in not only establishing your local online presence through our guaranteed SEO programs, but also expanding your reach into new markets through our targeted local select SEO services.

To Learn More: Call our Office @ (800) 516 0812 or click here to tell us about your project

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